Sunday, July 27, 2014

Victoria Theater and Concert Hall

The Victoria Theater and Concert Hall (Singapore) just complete its refurbish with an open house. Mia was exicted to go down and take a look at the building which was built in 1862.

 Mia and Logo

Main hall daytime view

Main Entrance view from inside with the iconic clock tower through the glass roof. A great mix of the old and modern design.

View from top floor

Looking down...

On the third fall, you can have a great view through the glass panels looking down into the main atrium of the Victoria Theater.

View from Lv 2

View from the second floor, on the left is Victoria Theater and on the right is the Victoria Concert Hall.

 The Spiral Staircase

The spiral staircase outside the entrance of the concert hall, we also took a small tour inside the concert hall as well.

Performance Hall

Performance Stage with Paino

Mia admiring the hall

The main atrium looks beautiful during evening time also.

Main Hall View

Mia touring around the main hall

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