Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bexin M225S and YunTeng Selfie Stick

Bringing the girls out for a doll shoot could be challenging, especially for a greedy person like me which carry many accessories. So I am always looking for ways to reduce the weight or size of my stuff, but not sacrifice the shooting experience.

My new addition to the gears group is the BEXIN M225S mini tripod and YUNTENG 188 selfie stick.

BEXIN and YT C188

The BEXIN M225S Mini Tripod

I have been searching for a tripod something more compact to provide more flexibility during shoots. I already own a table tripod, but it was still too large compare to the BEXIN. The VELBON tripod is slightly higher in comparison.

Velbon vs BEXIN
Velbon (Left), BEXIN (Right)

Velbon vs BEXIN
Velbon (Left), BEXIN (Right), Full Height

The BEXIN weights about 800g with a max height about 50cm. The ball head is rated to support about 5kg, but you can choose to change the ball head if you wish. The center column could be remove

BEXIN M225S (From Left: Max height, Smallest form, Lowest height with center column removed)

The BEXIN mini tripod is similar model to Fotopro M-5 Mini.

** The BEXIN tripod may be small, but it does not meant it can be taken on board a flight as hand carry. (e.g. Taiwan) Do check with your airliner in advance.

The YUNTENG 188 Selfie Stick


This 188 selfie stick is much larger than most selfie stick in the market, but instead of pull out type, it comes with clip lock. A design which is the same as some tripods and more secure than normal selfie stick.

YUNTENG 188 lock

At the base of the selfie stick there is a 3/4" tripod mount. One of the main reason I have chosen this selfie stick. (The first version does not have tripod mount)

YUNTENG 188 Tripod Mount

If your backpack should be able to fit in a selfie stick if it can fits a laptop. The selfie stick is ranged between 32cm to 123cm in 4 sections.

There is also a slightly shorter version YUNTENG 088 which extends between 32cm to 81cm.

** Oct 2014 ~ There are two versions of YUNTENG 188/088 selfie stick available in the market. The earlier version (no tripod mount) are usually seen in white packaging box. The current version are in yellow box. It is recommended to check clearly before purchase.

Combining both together

The BEXIN and YUNTENG combo are to improve my current setup supporting Mia, currently I my setup is using a SIURI T-1004x Tripod, which is quite bulky to walk around after deploy.

Bexin and YT C188 Combine

On the next review will be comparing the difference in the new setup.

Bexin/YT 188 and SIURI


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