Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Flash ~ Canon 270EX II

Canon's 580EX II is a wonderful flash, but on some occasions it can be too heavy to operate, especially when you are traveling. The 270EX II will also use as a fill flash when photographing Mia outdoors. Hope the light weight and HSS (High Speed Sync) will help me to get better lighting pictures with Mia ^_^

Unfortunately weathers recently are not as good in Singapore. I will be posting more update on this flash when I have a chance to test it with Mia

Canon 270EX II

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Japan Trip 2013 - Itinerary (日本2013-行程)

Mia at Tokyo

Our 5 day Japan trip itinerary, some changes after change of weathers and unexpected delay in some areas. But we still enjoyed our 5 days in Japan. Japan trip 2014 maybe?

More detail trip report coming soon ^_^


更多詳細的旅行報告即將上載^ _ ^

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tokyo Trip 2013 - Chapter 00

Thanks to Scoot ( generous offer on their 2c tickets. We finally have a chance to fly to Japan. Despite the trip was much shorter then our expectation (due to budget) but we sure enjoy the food, place and the scenery around Tokyo, Japan. We will sure be making our way back when our bank account were fill up again.


Of course, how can a trip without our little dear Mia. Watch out for our upcoming Japan trip report together with Mia ^_^

Mia at Tokyo