Sunday, June 22, 2014

Movie night

Film Projector

Mia have her first experience on a silent movie.

The movie night was a special event arranged by the National Museum of Singapore ( and 3 silent movies from one of the most important filmmakers and actors in the silent era, Charlie Chaplin will be screened.

Mia and Film Projector

Mia and Film Projector

It is the first time Mia saw a 35mm film projector. Most of these giant projectors works in a pair as each movie reel holds about 20 minutes of movie only. So two projectors are required and the operators will switch them over manually and seamlessly during the movie, which requires precise timing.

Mia and Movie Night

Mia found a nice spot and sat down with her teddy bear while waiting for the movie to start.

Mia and Movie Night

Mia enjoying the movie.

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