Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The People's Collection

Mia visits the National Museum of Singapore.

The People's Collection

The People's Collection, a special exhibition showcased various memorabilia to individuals in Singapore. Mia visited the exhibition to have a look of our Singapore history...

Extract from National Museum of Singapore about the exhibition:

The People’s Collection – A Special Exhibition is a collaboration between the National Museum of Singapore and MediaCorp Pte Ltd (Channel NewsAsia) following the telecast of the documentary series titled Treasure Hunt. The documentary, produced by Channel NewsAsia, centres on the idea that “there is a little bit of history in all our homes”, and involves a call to Singaporeans to bring out the objects that they hold dear. The items showcased in the documentary, ranging from intricate memorabilia to the cherished heirlooms of individuals, families, collectors and institutions across the country, will be presented at the National Museum of Singapore as part of a special exhibition highlighting our collective heritage. Featuring the personal stories behind each of these objects and their collectors, this exhibition is a testament to how everyday items, which may otherwise be left unappreciated, could be significant to understanding one’s heritage.

One of the highlight in the exhibition, a 1941 Ford Mercury 8. Which was one of the last manufactured car in Ford Singapore Factory before WWII strikes.

Mia and Vintage Car

Ford Mercury 8

Ford Mercury 8

Some old records on display, before MP3 or even tape players

Exhibition Display

SATA Greeting labels, used to found them on letters when we still write out mails rather than typing them...

SATA Greeting Seals

A Y.Ebata  & Co. camera, produced in Osaka...taking a photo can be a physically challenge during those days

Old Camera

An old SIA girl uniform, the gorgeous pattern on the beautifully shaped dress sure catches Mia attention.

Mia and SIA uniform

An old Merry Go Around horse...

Vintage Merry Go Round Horse

Console games...that's remind me I still have my Atari around (wonder does it still works). Games those days are just so simple.

Mia and old games

The exhibition was not very large but it featured some interesting memorable stuffs from different era in Singapore. Many parents are telling their memories to their kids of the items. I sure it would be interesting if NSM willing to put in long exhibition features more different memorabilia.


National Museum of Singapore (


If you are visiting a museum and photo shooting are allowed, remember to bring your polarizer...I was having so much difficulty to get a shoot with some of the items trying to fight the reflections around.


  1. Mia has the best adventures! This is a pretty cool museum... and excellent tip about the polarizer!

    1. Thanks. You can pretty much spent whole day browsing the entire Museum, especially they have more free galleries now inside.