Monday, January 27, 2014

Pico Encounter + EX

Today we are off for a movie screening - Kara no Kyōkai (a.k.a The Garden of Sinners) - Recalled Out Summer at Orchard Central and we have a somethings to munch on before we head off to the movies. Here Mia meet a new friend


Mia & Lipu 01

Mia: Hello...I am Mia ^_^

Lipu : ….Hi…Li...Lipu...(shy)


Lipu: ...Hi...Li...Lipu(羞...)

Mia & Lipu 02

At first Lipu seems a bit shy with new faces. But the two girls seems to be getting along quick.


Mia & Lipu 03

During dinner we were joined with another little cutie...Mia become a nice oneesan and help us look after the kids while we were eating…


Mia & Lipu 05

It seems Mia really likes Lipu a lot, and I sure don’t mind having some little fairies to help me with my typhoon look alike the meantime I will let it be a little surprise for Mia when Lipu visits again…


One more little cutie photo...


Mia & Lipu 04

[EX] The Movie

Kara no Kyōkai (a.k.a The Garden of Sinners) - Recalled Out Summer is the 9th movie (or should consider 9th and 10th) of the entire series. The last installment of the movie that features the stories of other characters and some additional stories. If you have watch the earlier movies, you will know the stories don’t run in chronicle order. So prepare get some brain workout during the movie. For those haven’t watch the earlier movies, I highly recommend you the watch the earlier movies or novels before going for this final chapter.

I will only put one spoiler of the movie….

Mana your moe level is beyond measure !!! LOL



Movie Poster


  1. Ooooh! Mia is going to get a tiny companion!! XD

    I've never seen this series before, but it looks interesting. I'm a fan of the black kitty XD

    1. ^_^ Will keep it as a little surprise for Mia for now

      The Lil' Fairy series is a new range from Azone (Pico Neemo D Bodies) Currently with 3 fairies in the series (1st and 2nd are on 2nd production pre-order now)

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