Sunday, January 5, 2014

McD Mia (again...)

01 Burger

Chinese New Year is coming soon and as usual McDonald's are severing their Prosperity Burger again and we have it for our dinner tonight.

農曆新年即將到來,和往常一樣麥當勞新年期間會推出Prosperity Burger,也是我們今晚的晚餐

02 Sneaky Sneaky

While I go and get my sauces I found Mia secretly sneaking around my dinner rather than her own Happy Meal, this remind of me of something...

 當我去拿調味時,發現Mia在我的Prosperity Burger鬼鬼祟祟...

Ah !!! I remembered....Mia ate my Prosperity Burger last time !!! (and hiding inside it after >_<)

想起了....Mia上次吃了我的Prosperity Burger!(躲在裡面>_<

Memories Flashback !!!


(McD Mia 2012)

Mcd Mia

Nope...Mia you are not getting away this time....back to your Happy Meal....


Mia : >_<

03 Caught-cha

It seems that Mia really likes the Prosperity Burger...may be I should buy this instead of Happy Meal for her next time...

我想下次我應該買Prosperity Burger給她要不然她又會對我的打主意了...


  1. Ah, so the Prosperity Burger is a New Years thing. I wondered about that since it's not something available in the US.

    And as I've discovered with my own oldest kid (the 1/1 scale version), the Happy Meal is never as interesting as what your parents have ordered!

    1. Yup, the Prosperity Burger is consider to be a regular item during the Chinese New Year period in some Asia countries. On other times, McD will have different special burgers available (Samurai Burger, Wasabi Filet-O-Fish...etc)

      I do agree that the Happy Meal (especially the toys) sometimes are not as appealing as it seems. May be that's one of the reason why Mia can't let her eyes off my