Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mia's new friends from AFA 2013

When you bring Mia to AFA surrounded with all the kind of cute stuffs you will know your wallet will not be in the safe zone...


Mia @ AFA 2013

She is totally excited when she see the wall of soft toys... 

Mia @ AFA 2013

After a good 5 minutes she is still looking at know the magic question will be coming soon...
5分鐘了,她仍是看著他們 (等待中...)

Mia @ AFA 2013

Mia: May I have one please...please...please...?
Mia: 我...可以要一個嗎? please? (她終於問了

Mia @ AFA 2013

Instead of one, Mia have two new friends joining her. Happy Mia ^_^
最後還是買了兩個給她...Mia Happy Happy ^_^


  1. Why is the crying one my favorite? Does that make me a bad person? XD

    Mia might want to enter the giveaway I'm having, too... it's for Neemo sized stuffs!

    1. haha...somehow everyone likes the crying one more ^_^|||

      Thanks for the giveaway offer ^_^ Really love your reviews. They are really great !!

    2. You know, I'm a total dope... I never realized I didn't have a link to you in my sidebar... I made up a little button to link back to your blog... but please let me know if you have one somewhere already and I'll use that!!!

    3. Thanks for linking up ^_^ I still haven't settle a banner yet and a link section (put it down into my to-do list...)

    4. Haha, I know, picking stuff out is tough XD I'm not really worried about anyone linking to me, although if they want to, huzzah! I just really want to start a network of Pure Neemo blogs!!! If you know of any that I'm missing, let me know! ( ... the links are all in my sidebar)