Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mia & Obitsu (AFA 2013)

This year we have a new visitor at AFA 2013 - The Obitsu folks decided to drop by Singapore and introduce their Obitsu dolls to the local community, Of course Mia won't miss the chance to meet some new friends


Obitsu Booth at AFA 2013

Let's start with the Obitus 11cm. They are a cute line up and they have bought in The Chibi-Alice and Chibi Zukin to AFA. Seems Mia like Chibi-Alice a bit more ^_^

Obitsu社的11厘米系列.非常卡哇伊設計.在會場的是Chibi-Zukin (紅)和Chibi-Alice(藍).Mia似乎比較鐘意Chibi-Zukin ^_^

Obitsu Booth at AFA 2013

Obitsu Booth at AFA 2013

Next is Mafuyu (まふゆ) , one of Obitsu's 48cm original dolls. (Personally I love the box art more...haha)

其次是Mafuyu(まふゆ),Obitsu社的48cm娃。 (外盒的Artwork好像更美...哈哈)

Obitsu Booth at AFA 2013

The booth highlight, the Obitsu 150cm, a 1:1 scale doll and weights at about 10kg (luckily weight is not 1:1 also). The entire body have 53cm movable parts.

Mia looks ultra mini in front of the 150cm

Obitsu社的重頭戲-150cm的1:1大娃,重約10kg(幸好重量不是。 全身上下共有53處可動。


Obitsu Booth at AFA 2013

Mia could even sit on their shoulders ^_^|||

Mia也可坐在她們的肩上 ^_^|||

Obitsu Booth at AFA 2013

The Obitsu folks were kind enough and let us have a feel on the Obitsu 150 bodies. The joins are strong in order to hold their weights and you can adjust the fingers as well. Face makeup feels a bit plain but I believe Obitsu will improve on these.


Obitsu Booth at AFA 2013

See you again next year Obitsu and hope to see more dolls from you. Bye Bye ^_^

Bye Bye ^_^

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  1. Oh my goodness, those girls are so big!

    Mia made friends both large and small :)

  2. The photos of Mia with the Chibi Obitsu girls is almost cuteness overload! I'm a big fan of Obitsu dolls (and Pure Neemo) but I'm trying so hard to resist the Chibis.

    1. Yes. The Chibi Obitsu are really cute and I see many people online fit them with Nendo heads which really push to cuteness to the max. I also having a hard time should I get one also (Obitsu 11cm vs PN Pico)