Thursday, April 9, 2015

Canon EOS M3 Unboxing

A delivery box surprise...

A package arrive...

Box inside box
Another box inside box...

EOS M3 !!!
It is our new camera !!! Canon EOS M3 !!!

We have been waiting eagerly since it was available for pre-order from Amazon Japan, after a few days of shipping we finally our hands on the camera.

Let me check...
Mia: Let me take a looks whats inside...

One more box...
The EVF (Electronic View Finder ~ EVF-DC1) box, the main reason why we decided to order from Japan rather than a local set. The limited EVF package (25,000 sets) makes the EVF cost only 3,000 yen. (retail cost 33,000 yen)

Unwrapping the camera
Continue to unwrap our new camera...

One more layer
Last layer to go...

Setting up
Finally our camera is out, Mia helps to setup the time and date on the camera first. (EOS M3 comes in Japanese and English menu)

Plug in the EVF
After some simple setup with the camera, it's time to test our EVF

Combined success
EVF docking complete !!!

Mia helps to check the EVF
Mia: EVF working fine!

Ready for more testing soon
A gathering shoot of the EOS M3 gears (EOS M3, EVF-DC1, EF-M 22mm, EF-M 18-55mm)

As it was getting late and battery is not fully charged. We will have to leave the testing of our camera on the weekend...

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