Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015, we are four !!!

Countdown to 2015 ~ Singapore

We are in 2015, we are four !!!

Welcome to 2015 !!!

Mia & Countdown to 2015 Fireworks

Mia is happy to see fireworks again. She sure loves them. Sadly is hard to bring along Saber and the Lil Fairies. May be this year fireworks the girls have to take turns.

2014 Mia have a huge adventure year

In March, we visited Hong Kong and have an adventure of hiking around one of the most beautiful path in HK. We also bashed our way through bushes to see an unfortunate capsized ship. We will be re-visiting HK in 2015 with a new adventure.

In April, we attempt our greatest adventure in our lifetime. We attempt for Mt Kinabalu (3902m) in Saber, Malaysia. Despite our efforts, we only managed to reach the last check point. But we will be back again one day, to reach for the top.

In September, we visited the down-under, Australia. We were greeted by a nice weather at Sydney airport and enjoyed a nice plane spotting. We also visited Canberra Train Musuem and have a chance to view the Grant DC 6029++ (one of the largest loco in Australia) in action. The DC 6029++ will also making her igure trip in Feb 2015. Hope we can catch a ride on her when we visit Australia again in 2015.

On the final trip of the year, we visited Penang, Malaysia. A city full of history, beautiful street arts and amazing food. Definitely one of the our most loved place for a relaxing trip.

Where will we go in 2015? Please look forward for our adventures.

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