Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas at Vivo City

Christmas is coming again and time for X'mas shoot. With DD Saber joined our shooting gang. This year Christmas shooting will being with her (No worries, Mia will have hers soon ^_^)

Our first Xmas shoot almost got called off due to the heavy rain in the late afternoon and luckily it stopped and we decide to proceed on with the shoot. The weather was still cloudly that night and the floor was wet so I have to strap everything on myself. But luckily we managed with some nice shoots before the rain came again (and we were next to shelters).

Please look out for more Xmas shoots in coming weeks ^_^

Xmas at Vivo City 06

Xmas at Vivo City 05

Xmas at Vivo City 04

Xmas at Vivo City 03

Xmas at Vivo City 02

Xmas at Vivo City 01

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