Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mia's First Birthday


Mia arrived her new home last June and her first outdoor shoot was taken at the old Tanjong Pajar Railway Station (TPRS) which closed its service on 30 June 2011. For those who known me personally. Mia have been tracking almost everyone on the KTM tracks in Singapore during its removal.

Mia's First Outdoor Shoot / 24.Jun.2011
Mia's first outdoor shoot - Taken on 24th June 2011 at the platform of TPRS

Time flies and a year have passed after the last train was left a year ago. To mark the first anniversary, SLA, We Support the Green Corridor and other groups have organized an memorial event and the railway station was re-open again on 1st July 2012. So we took the chance to celebrate Mia's birthday at the place where she took her first shoot, but this time she’s not alone. She was accompanied with her new friends from TZW ( and Kuro-neko (

Let's have a shoot

Cheese !!!

Let's Sing a Birthday Song


Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Mia's Birthday

 Mega Camera

A birthday heart from Madoka

Pair Shoot with Madoka

Happy Birthday Mia !!! Thank you for accompanying me and bringing me the great shoots for the past year ^_^

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