Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dollfie first shoot

DD Saber Alter Ver II finally arrived. Despite some leg problem awaiting for Volks reply. I have put her up a trial shoot with my new acquired softbox.

First DD Shoot 01

The night gown was sewed by faustbane. Thank you for selling me this night gown. It is really nice but I will have to try another round of shooting to show the beauty on it.

Since it was done with a plain backdrop shoots seems much easier as I only need to focus on Saber herself. But still have a lot to work out her hair as is still messy and have to learn how to control the power of my flash. You may notice a blue or purple grow around her hair as I have gel my flash trying to create a color backdrop but was not that successful.

Anyway, please enjoy the shoots and feel free to comment. Saber's outdoor shoot will be coming after her stand and carrier bag arrives =)

First DD Shoot 02

First DD Shoot 06
First DD Shoot 13

First DD Shoot 22

The Setup

Canon 600D + 17.55mm F2.8
Pixel King TTL Trigger + Canon 580 EX II
70cm x 100mm Softbox
AL-126 LED Light

DD First Shoot Setup I

DD First Shoot Setup II

The girls do really get along fast...they already chatting when I was packing up...

Girls Talk

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