Saturday, October 15, 2011

Re-visiting the railway - Part 2

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View to truss bridge

After shooting at the bridge we started heading over to Bukit Timah Railway Station along the path which the tracks once existed. But the entire place is muddy after tracks were removed.



Noticed the local habitat were lessen likely due to the construction works around, these little brown birds (may be someone could provide me an ID) which were once popular around the area become quite rare on our walk this time. It may take a while before they return to this the area again. But there were much more Maya then before...wonder why?

View from  BridgeView from bridge
Before and after view towards Bukit Timah Direction

View from  BridgeView from Bridge
Before and after view towards Rail Mall Direction

Poor Snake
An unfortune snake which have crossed the path of a construction.

A monkey's footprint? I don't suppose would try to walk bare foot on these area.

Covered with mud
Some construction vehicle trying to level the area

Covered with mud

The bridge at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve was spared, and the tracks on it still intact.

Lonely Bridge

Lonely Bridge

Lonely Bridge
The lonely bridge

Stuck in the middle?
Stool in the middle

Found stool was stuck in the middle of the mud track...May be it is a resting point for the workers?

The 3km which usually takes less than an hour to walk on normal days (without photo taking) took much longer than expected. By the time we reached Bukit Timah Railway Station it was already pass 6pm.

BTRS Truss Bridge
BTRS Truss Bridge

I not sure why I never get bored with this place, the passing trains, station masters exchanging the tokens or relaxing on the edge of the platform still feels like yesterday. I was only around this place for an year, but I sure misses it when I could simply spent a quite afternoon here.

No more tracks

URA sign

BTRS Tracks (?)

Work in progress

The Green corridor group are working closely with URA to convert the entire railway stretch into something more recreational yet still remind Singaporeans there was once railway tracks around. The masterplan will be out by 2013, but I surely hope something can be done before the entire area over grown with vegetation.

Since it was quite late when we arrived, We took a short break and a few shoots before heading home.

Mia revisit @ BTRS

Mia revisit @ BTRS

We will take definitely take another visit to the station again ^_^


  1. The leveled path can make for a great mountain cycling trail. =D

  2. This was one of the idea for the Green Corridor with URA, but with the master plan only out by 2013, I just hope the place won't be overgrown by then. I was shooting quite a lot along different session of the tracks when it was still around.