Thursday, June 23, 2011

Azone Mia's Sunday

Finally let one of my Azone girls out of the box. Mia is my 2nd girl and Sahra still inside her box still as the first outdoor suits Mia more. The quick shoots were done with iPhone so the quality are a bit grainy.

Discover shooting a doll really a lot of different from shooting PVC or nendoroids. On dolls you can shoot almost any angle, all you need give it a good pose. Sounds easy but found out actually quite tough. You also need to take care of her clothing, hair almost everything like a child ^_^||| With my big fingers sometimes is more difficult to achieve also, I spent almost 10 mins just to remove her cardigan @_@ (may be is a sign I should get a DD instead? lol) Will spend sometime with her these few nights to have more pose for her prepare for the weekend.

Looking forward for a good shoot with Mia coming this weekend ^_^

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